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Compressor / Limiters are used to either restrain audio volume to within certain levels to prevent distortion. Some will also increase volume as needed to provide a more uniform sound for your listeners.
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Audessence ALPS-1

A tamper-proof solution designed to solve audio level problems – completely!

Our Price: £866.00 (£1,039.20 inc VAT)
Audessence PodBlaster

Unrivalled professional level control at a breakthrough price point. Our entry-level digital audio processor designed for podcasters, broadcast studios, news booths and programme production applications. Can also be used for dual ('main' and 'guest') microphone processing.

Our Price: £478.00 (£573.60 inc VAT)
Audessence ALPS-2

Adding comprehensive front-panel control features, the ALPS-2 audio leveler is ideally suited to dynamic operating environments, such as outside broadcasts, where instant local adjustment of sound parameters may be required.

Our Price: £1,420.00 (£1,704.00 inc VAT)
Audessence ALPS-3

Taking control to the next level, the ALPS-3 broadcast audio processor features full remote-control via both GPI and Internet (IP).

Our Price: £1,745.00 (£2,094.00 inc VAT)
Sonifex RB-SL2 Twin Mono or Stereo Limiter

The RB-SL2 is a stereo, or twin independent mono, VCA limiter for use in news-rooms and other locations where the correct level into recording equipment is required, but not necessarily under the control of an engineer, for example, for overload protection

Our Price: £259.95 (£311.94 inc VAT)
IMG Stage Line MCL-204 Stereo Compressor/Limiter

2-channel compressor/limiter, with noise gate and side chain input.
For protecting vocal microphones or dynamically played instruments against overload, for equalizing level fluctuations, for emphasising a signal and for transferring analogue recordings onto digital sound carriers (volume maximisation due to dynamic compression).

Our Price: £145.95 (£175.14 inc VAT)
Sonifex RB-SSML1 Mic/Line Source Selector With Compressor/Limiter

The RB-SSML1 is a 1U rack-mountable source selector for compressing or limiting an incoming microphone or stereo line signal and mixing this signal with a stereo monitor input, which can then be metered and mixed to two headphone outputs. The unit is mainly used in situations where level control is required, for example in voiceover applications.

Our Price: £439.95 (£527.94 inc VAT)
Sonifex RB-ML2 Stereo Mic and Line Level Limiter

The RB-ML2 is a stereo microphone and line level limiter. The unit is mainly used where assistance with level control is required, for protection of mixer inputs and to prevent distortion.

Our Price: £299.95 (£359.94 inc VAT)