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We offer a full range of 'off the shelf' studio packages to suit stations of all types and budgets. To help select the correct studio for you, we have collected our packages into four categories but if you would like further assistance in choosing your studio package, don't hesitate to get in touch.
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SR2 Portable Radio Studio

Fully portable, fully featured radio studio package. Portability without the compromise.

Our Price: £6,399.00 (£7,678.80 inc VAT)
SR3 Portable Plus Radio Studio

The SR3 is a complete, self-contained School Radio studio. Wheel it in, switch it on and you are ready to make great radio.

Our Price: £7,499.00 (£8,998.80 inc VAT)
SR4 Fixed Modern Studio

Stylish fixed radio studio. The SR4 is a comprehensive, fixed radio studio package featuring a modern, contemporary studio furniture design and a full complement of broadcast studio features.

Our Price: £7,499.00 (£8,998.80 inc VAT)
SR5 Digital Radio Studio

Contemporary design and cutting edge technology. The SR5 is a modern digital studio that combines striking design with cutting edge digital broadcast technology.

Our Price: £12,999.00 (£15,598.80 inc VAT)
SR6 Digital Studio Plus

The SR6 is a modern digital studio that combines striking design with cutting edge digital broadcast technology. The studio package incorporates a 'talks table' for extended programming opportunities.

Our Price: £14,399.00 (£17,278.80 inc VAT)
Classic 4 Small Studio

If you want to create that classic radio studio look using the latest modern equipment and with a limited physical space then the Classic 4 is the ideal studio for you.

Our Price: £6,999.00 (£8,398.80 inc VAT)
Classic 5 Medium Studio

The Classic 5 - Medium Studio Package offers a truly professional radio experience at a cost effective price. By combining a Sonifex S2 mixer with a full Myriad touch-screen system and traditional woodwork, we have put together the perfect entry level professional studio.

Our Price: £11,499.00 (£13,798.80 inc VAT)
Classic 6 Large Studio

The Classic 6 - Large Studio Package is our flagship traditional studio package offering a substantial grained woodwork effect studio furniture coupled with a large Sonifex S2 professional mixer and of course a full Myriad Playout touch-screen based playout system.

Our Price: £13,499.00 (£16,198.80 inc VAT)
AR1 Accessibility Radio Studio

The World's Most Accessible Radio Studio!

The AR1 Accessibility Studio was developed in conjunction with a number of special schools around the UK to provide a studio package that would be accessible to broadcasters with varied levels of special accessibility needs. The AR1 features all the benefits of a SR4 Studio Package but with enhanced accessibility features.

Our Price: £8,499.00 (£10,198.80 inc VAT)
The Classic Package The Starter+

The Classic is based on our original small radio package but brought bang up to date with more than a decade of refinement and cutting edge technology. The Classic has been designed to offer all the features and technology you need at a 'break through' price making radio accessible to everyone.

Our Price: £4,999.00 (£5,998.80 inc VAT)
UR7 - Digital Studio Deluxe

Our top end studio package features a raft of premium features and equipment to provide the ideal studio for serious broadcasters or for delivering radio or journalism focused courses to students of all ages.

Our Price: £15,499.00 (£18,598.80 inc VAT)